Your vote is your voice on issues affecting housing, education, employment, healthcare and more.

Read an essay titled Why We Must Vote, by University of Baltimore lecturer Ron Kipling Williams, M.F.A. Click here.

Marylanders – Make a Plan to VOTE in the 2020 Election:

Mail in Ballot

Drop your Vote-By-Mail ballot in any drop box

located throughout your county or put it in the mail (must be postmarked by 11/3).

Key Election Dates

Voter Registration Deadline

Tuesday, October 13

Vote By Mail Ballot Request Deadline

Tuesday, October 20

Early Vote – (In Person)

Monday, October 16 through Monday November 2

(Onsite registration available)

Election Day (In Person)

Tuesday, November 3

(Onsite registration available)

*Polling places have changed – visit to find a polling place near you

Learn more on our Vote 2020 website!

This selected essay was written many years ago by Reinhold Niebuhr, but resonates with me today:

“We pray to you this day mindful of the sorry confusion of our world.  Look with mercy upon this generation of your children so steeped in misery of their own contriving, so far strayed from your ways and so blinded by passions.  We pray for the victims of tyranny, that they may resist oppression with courage and may preserve their integrity by a hope which defies the terror of the moment.  We pray for wicked and cruel men, whose arrogance reveals to us what the sin of our own hearts is like when it has conceived and brought forth its final fruit.  O God, who resists the proud and gives grace to the humble, bring down the mighty from their seats.

We pray for ourselves who live in peace and quietness, that we may not regard our good fortune as proof of our virtue, or rest content to have our ease at the price of other men’s sorrow and tribulation.

We pray for all who have some vision of your will, despite the confusions and betrayals of human sin, that they may humbly and resolutely plan for and fashion the foundations of a just peace between men, even while they seek  to preserve what is fair and just among us against the threat of malignant power.  Grant us grace to see what we can do, but also to know what are the limits of our powers, so that courage may feed on trust in you, who are able to rule and overrule the angry passions of men and make the wrath of men to praise you.”

From the book: The Essential Reinhold Niebuhr, Robert McAfee Brown